Hospitaller Region - Jacksonville, FL

Hospitaller Region - Jacksonville, FL

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Service Projects

Our Hospitaller, Jane R. Lanier, DM, applied for a grant from a large Foundation to assist with healthcare for those low income elderly residents of San Jose Manor and that program begins in the summer of 2016. The San Jose Manor Dinner and Program features dancing and activities along with the Knights and Dame’s serving a wonderful dinner to residents at this HUD housing project that is owned by the Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine. We have several Knights who serve and have served on its Board of Directors. Most notably is the service from Pat Thornton, KM who has served in various leadership roles for 16 years. The Jacksonville Region’s Healing Mass, now an annual event, was a huge success with hundreds in attendance, under the leadership of immediate past Hospitaller, Lou Walsh, KM. The service of the Knights and Dames for the St. Francis Soup Kitchen remains the most important work continuously provided every Friday and Saturday in Jacksonville.  The numbers of homeless and poor served average 400 every week.

We are so grateful to Ernie Bono who has served on the Board of the Order of Malta, Federal Association since 2010 for his leadership and selfless and enthusiastic service. We are blessed by him and by all of the Knights and Dames who serve on our Boards and committees.

Jane Lanier
Regional Hospitaller

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


The Order of Malta, Federal Association, Jacksonville Region is active in many ministries and programs that serve the sick and the poor. Signature events such as our service days for San Jose Manor and Healing Mass are annual projects of the Knights and Dames.

Monthly Mass

Second Monday Mass - Noon, followed by a luncheon at Athens Cafe.