Pittsburgh Region Cabinet

In 2006-2008 the SMOM Association’s Grants Committee made grants to Pittsburgh-area ministries. The Knights and Dames in the region contributed approximately $50,000 toward these matching grants to purchase the two vans. This enabled the Little Sisters to buy a new Refrigerated Begging Van and new Twelve Seat Handicap Bus with Lift for 2008. Each of these vehicles travels the streets of Pittsburgh bearing the insignia of the Order of Malta Federal Association.

Pittsburgh Region Cabinet 
Dan McGrogan: Treasurer of Region; Retreat Head- 
Alan Veeck: Communications- 
Concetta Silvaggio: Spirituality Formation- Little Sisters of the Poor 
Cindy Busch, Alan Veeck: Malta Mercy Eucharistic Ministry Mercy Hospital 
Charles Queenan and Charles Fagan: of Counsel